Coaching Services

“Our aim is to promote a learning culture connecting people with their aims, values and goals to transform and strengthen organizations”

We assist your executives in their development, growth and well-being.

Depending on the requirements of your company, we provide different coaching programs as well as other personalized services regarding professional development.

We intervene in unforeseen management situations as well as planned development programs. Numerous multinational companies from various industries benefit from our personalized one to one coaching initiatives, which are implemented easily and guarantee valuable improvement. We have carefully developed and evolved our coaching system to accelerate employee development and drive better business results.


Our online coaching programs are dedicated to focus on the executive, his needs, difficulties and challenges. We are using a transformational coaching approach to manage professional and personal issues that are affecting expected performance. As a digital company we are ready to intervene worldwide, using leading edge technologies, simplifying processes, ensuring more powerful learning experiences, and saving time and costs.

We also offer personal strategic alignment and improved decision making for individual Executives & Talents. Without ties to your company you can focus on your own growth and development (on your own expense). Nevertheless, we respect the company’s interests without neglecting the individual’s needs and wants for personal development and mindful improvement.

How does our coaching service work?

Talk face-to-face with your coach

Hold video conferences with your coach as if you were in person with him/her. Meet, collaborate and share conversations with him in a brand new and confidential way enabling you to discover all action possibilities. You will have access to coaching easily and wherever you are.

Schedule your coaching sessions

Organize your coaching conversations matching your work agenda. Plan with your coach your weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions or request a special session if you have to tackle an urgent issue.You can always count on a professional coach.

Analyse the results of your coaching process

Follow up your learning process viewing progress statistics, discussed issues, feedbacks and development opportunities. Make the best use of reflection time seeking your best decision to reach your goals.

Strict confidentiality

Coaching conversations are strictly confidential creating an atmosphere of trust and a safe space between the coach and the coachee. The company only has access to statistical information to manage the coaching program.

Manage the coaching program in a personalized way

The program manager in the company will be able to add users easily, assign hours, control information about invoicing and have access to view statistics, progress reports, general program measurements and much more.

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